Homemade Samara Costume from the Ring Movie

I’m a big horror fan and my favorite movie is the ring and my favorite character Samara, so I wanted to attempt at making the costume.

I brought a white nightgown off eBay and painted it with white and black. I then painted my face white with black frown lines and blue lipstick to give a drowned look.  It took a few goes to get it right.

I bought a long black wig off eBay and damped it down.

I was invited to a Halloween party a week before Halloween at 3pm so it was embarrassing walking down the streets dressed like this, I got strange looks, a few kids at the party were terrified from the costume.

Then I wore the costume again on Halloween and did a bit of trick or treating at the local shop for a laugh, the shop keeper was impressed with my costume so I’m hoping to try again to make the costume next year.

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