Magic Act Gone Wrong Couple Costume

 I obviously go crazy for Halloween, I love it!! I go big every single year, and always really shoot for an actual walking art installation, if you will. Vaudeville acts always inspired me, imagery wise and addition to illusion. Our Magic Act gone wrong was so much fun!!! We were a grand hit in Los Angeles Halloween weekend, both nights out, we won First Place in Costume Contests each night, which to do in land of movie magic, it a tough feat. So were were a hit through Hollywood, stopped for pictures non-stop, as if paparazzi was in action. So much fun!!!

That is a real saw going through my box that is sawed in half… pun intended? Feathered doves escaping on wire  (birdcage as well), so with movement, the birds were always moving. knives that missed the apple target on my head; going through forehead and chest. Actually blades going out the back of me (that pic did not upload correctly, that is so sad, because it was creepy from the back!) That is a magic light bulb in my ear that lights up when inputted into ear (ear had foil attached, shhhh, giving away magic acts), that was a big crowd pleaser on stage. Used tons of cardboard for boxes and tables. EVERYTHING is glue gun based, I have burn wounds to prove it, no pain, no gain. Even our  our impalement wounds. Shaped them into wounds with glue gun drippings and paper towels for effects. and hand painted to be realistic blood. We both are being impaled with playing cards that my Magician, well, could not do very good magic with. His in his face, on me, and they are also on wire. I used discarded mannequin legs for my legs, we cut the hip area off with a saw, just to be less heavy and added a dowel inside the box, so we can maneuver the legs to different positions. My legs’ box is on wheels, so it was actually easy to bring around the crowds of Sunset Strip. We used boxes and styrofoam for inside the box on wheels and a cart. Poor magic Rabbit got in the line of knives fire… whoops.

 I hope you enjoy as much as we did with this, between making it and the nights around town in the giant costume. Go big, or go home…

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    2015 Adult/Teen Cost: $50-$100 Duo / Couple Costume I Won a Costume Contest More Than a Week