Cool Mary Poppins and Bert Couple’s Costumes

I grew up watching the movie Mary Poppins and I always loved the characters and the costumes, so my boyfriend and I decided to dress as Mary Poppins and Bert (the chimney sweep from Mary Poppins) for Halloween this past year.

I’m a bit (okay a lot) obsessed with Halloween and costumes so I started prepping these in early September. :) I pieced my costume together with clothing and accessories I found and purchased online, including the navy blue wool skirt, white blouse, black tights, black leather pumps, red satin belt, white cotton gloves, black wool hat, and red bow tie.

I attached the bow tie to the blouse, hot glued a few red plastic cherries, some leaves, and white and red little flowers to the hat and topped the look off with a large black umbrella, of course.

For the chimney sweep costume we found the black suspenders, dark gray vest, red tie, and gray newsboy cap online and at some local thrift stores. I also painted a little dirt on his face using some makeup and we completed the look with a chimney broom prop (which snapped in half pretty much the second we got to the party…)

We had so much fun putting these costumes together that we ended up wearing them twice. The costumes were a hit and we ended up entering and winning the costume contest at the Halloween party we went to (at a bar in San Francsico)! Unfortunately they didn’t give out any prizes, even for winning first place! :-/ But at least we won some bragging rights for the night. :) I was also nominated in my office costume contest (out of an office of basically a thousand people) and while I did not win that one, I did make it into the finals!

This was definitely a Halloween to remember!

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